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We are pleased to welcome a dialogue with organizations across the spectrum of all relevant activities from different sectors, geographies, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to collaborate with us as our Strategic Partners/Associates.

Please review the following Values and Guiding Principles underlying our business models and whether they inspire you to explore possibilities of associating with global thought leaders and practitioners, aimed at value creation and delivery for all our stakeholders.

Strategic Partners

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Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology

Fundamental Values and
Guiding Principles

RLaCM, LLP was incorporated with a focus on ensuring that our solutions were  Socially Relevant and Impactful and crafted in ways so as to respond effectively to challenges arising from current and future global crises. 

Our approach is underpinned on the following five fundamental Values and Guiding Principles:

Principle 1

Leverage Strategic, and innovative thinking and concentrate it on socially relevant problems of a local or global scale. We collectively strive to generate sustainable solutions to address humanity’s most pressing needs.

Principle 2

Collaborate extensively, to create Value-Delivering Constellations and ecosystems with organizations and associates who resonate with our Values, Guiding Principles, and Broad Purpose.

We are all fuelled by a passion to lead, manage, and apply technology for human well-being and for the welfare of our planet. We aim to operate through mutually agreeable arrangements that draw upon complementary capabilities for creating synergetic alliances, characterized by an intrinsic culture of creativity and flexibility of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Principle 3

We work so as to provide an emotionally and financially rewarding experience to all our partners, associates, and stakeholders.

Principle 4

We aim to be Cause Oriented as well as Financially Self Sustaining.

Principle 5

We are guided by our vision to improve the quality of life of all, by empowering all those who need help the most, through an inclusive approach of a community-based model.

You may please reach out to us through email or phone at the contact details mentioned below.

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