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Global Outstanding Leadership Drives


Gold for Next Generation Leaders

What is the opportunity for Young Leaders that is Critical for One's Career Success?

Today’s environment and organizations are undeniable, dynamically-complex—both difficult to understand and even more challenging to manage. At the same time, the future which is already here offers vast new opportunities for innovation, serving humanity and the world in diverse ways, and building a wholesome world – free from many of its stark problems – that works for the well-being of one and all.

Building one’s leadership skills from the inside out can help ensure that all of us and our organizations are positioned for growth and prepared to manage through change, opportunity, and the “delightful uncertainty” of our turbulent times: both within the pandemic and in the post-pandemic era. This new environment calls for a very uncommon leadership approach, that relies on Values, a clear Vision, Service-Orientedness, Technological-savvy and Resilience among its most prominent attributes.

What is the uncommon approach of Leadership that we refer to?

The new, and uncommon approach to leadership, that we mentioned above, and which we call the Global Outstanding Leadership Drives (GOLD), is underpinned in Values, that set the context for the efforts of the leaders as well as the enterprises that they lead. The Global Outstanding Leadership Drives are oriented towards bringing to fruition a positive and wholesome Vision of the future, being Service-oriented and Inclusive, and inspiring leaders to have an openness to the adoption of new and innovative technologies for creating and delivering value to stakeholders.

This new and uncommon style of leadership practices, also appreciates that the world of business will always have its share of ups and downs, making the qualities of Resilience, Patience, and Perseverance an integral part of the new approach.

Global Outstanding Leadership Drives, therefore, is about providing a vision and drawing inspiration from serving others; while simultaneously, infusing the will-power to turn challenges into opportunities and then develop and empower others to achieve the chosen vision that is beneficial to all stakeholders, and sustainable in the long-term.

How would Young Leaders benefit from attending a Gold Programme?

This programme is an initiation to a process of a transformative experience. The process of transformation into leaders who are imbibed in the GOLD methodology of leadership will be done by exposing them to a modular approach of action learning. There will be interactive, workshop-modeled individual and group learning through classroom/online sessions facilitated by experts, followed by projects that the participants will need to undertake at their own places of work, before returning to the next module of learning.

GOLD Programmer for Nextgen YOUNG Leaders - PRO BONO FORMAT

A pro bono GOLD program for NEXTGEN young leaders will comprise the following inputs:

Part A

Managing Self

Part B

Envisioning the Desired Future

Part C

Managing Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork/Enlisting others Collaboratively

Part D

Planning and Executing to Achieve Goals and Key Results

Each Part above is a Leadership Drive ( a set of leadership competencies that enables the achievement of goals, and brings the desired Vision to fruition). These inputs can be covered over a span of four (02 hours) sessions spread over two days, with considerable focus on cases and Group work. This would give each of the participants’ insights needed to function as leaders, capable of crafting a new future.

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