Resilient Leadership & Change Masters
Fraunhofer Germany selects RLaCM as a consortium partner for Technology Innovation to enhance Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainable Manufacturing for Atmanirbharta.
RLaCM and EBTC shall be represented by Amit Chatterjee at the IESSX conference at Chennai Trade Centre from 16th to 18th March organised by Ministry of Commerce GOI and Engineering Exports Promotion Council.
Congratulations to Professor Meenakshi Gopinath who has been nominated as Distinguished Chair Professor, AICTE.
Dear Friends, Glad to inform that a book on Leadership has been published by Harper Collin’s written by Bharat and his two former TAS colleagues. The link is provided here.
RLaCM and EBTC Ink Agreement to Establish Hotspot for Economic Resilience and Development of SMEs (HERDS)
GOLD Masterclass ‘Preparing Leaders for the Era of Uncertainty’, Due to 3rd wave of the C19 pandemic, we have to reschedule our program, Fresh date to be announced.
News: Our Advisor Dr. S.Guruprasad discuss Self-Reliant India on DD National
Congratulations to Prof Bimal Kumar Roy for his selection as Chairman of National Statistical Commission.
Congratulations to Prof. Prem Vrat on his appointment as Chairman Board of Governors, IIT Dhanbad ( Indian School of Mines) and IIT Mandi.

Leadership, People & Strategy

October 22, 2021
October 22, 2021

Values In Everyday Life

There are two essential imperatives that necessitate living by values: the first – that just as material food nourishes our body-mind, our Spirit – the animating […]
April 24, 2021

Leveraging Tiny Troubles and Miniature Field Failures for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Process and service quality deficiencies, especially those small and chronic lapses – both within and outside of organizations- contribute significantly to waste, employee stress and irritation, […]
April 19, 2021

Complexity Thinking for Resilient Mindset to Lead in Turbulent Times

Context: Difference between Complicated Thinking and Complex Thinking Complicated problems can be hard to solve, but they are addressable with rules and recipes, like the algorithms […]
April 8, 2021

The Dimensions of Higher-Order Skills for Organizational Resilience Combating Complexity and Disruptive Change in the age of MetaSystems

Context Introduction: Turbulent Change and Evolving Skills Landscape The World Economic Forum (WEF) issues a report periodically called, “The Future of Jobs”. It says—The Fourth Industrial […]
April 7, 2021

Our Associate Dr. S.Guruprasad discuss Self-Reliant India

In DD National special broadcast ‘Self-Reliant India’, take a closer look at developments in diverse sectors to better understand and articulate the rise of India.
December 20, 2020

Effectively Managing Customers’ Experience

In this day and age customers no longer come to physical stores or shops to make purchases. This poses challenges to businesses that are operating in […]
December 5, 2020

Leading effectively: leading effortlessly

1)  Introduction Warren Bennis, the legendary author on leadership, thus writes in his book – On becoming a leader – why leaders are needed, “ One […]
October 18, 2020

Capacity Building of Next Generation Indian Civil Servants for Revitalizing Quality of Public Services Delivery

CAPACITY BUILDING AND QUALITY Quality is a journey not a destination with pit stops, as in a marathon, for continuous capacity building and even reskilling, if […]
Growth Strategy & Global Competitiveness of Resilient MSMEs
September 29, 2020

Growth Strategy & Global Competitiveness of Resilient MSMEs: ZED Capabilities

It is predicted that 90 percent of the countries in the world will go into recession in the coming months as per the June 2020 World […]
September 28, 2020

Resilient Thinking – A Nature-Inspired Mental Model for, ‘Leading at the Edge of Chaos’

The Concept The attribute which has come to the forefront as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic crisis is the notion of—‘Resilience’, the dictionary meaning of […]
September 25, 2020

Sustainability Is Even More Important Today: The Need for a Climate Positive World!

Ecological Nemesis: Our planet is facing multiple crises at an alarming frequency—the most challenging one of course is the current pandemic which has completely disrupted our […]
September 12, 2020

System Dynamics: An Untapped Potential for Policy Planning & Strategizing to Combat Turbulence

An integrated systems approach to policy planning and strategy formulation requires an understanding of non-linear, interactive, dynamic sub-systems of any organization as a system. Strategic decisions […]