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We combine our vast experience of Global Best Practices with deep Local Insights and unmatched Contextual Relevance, to help leaders deliver solutions for Value-Creating Change,  enabling Sustainable Excellence and Longevity.

Featured Practices

We offer our solutions in a highly customized and integrated fashion, encompassing but not limited to the five broad practices areas as follows:

Leadership, People & Strategy

Operations, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chains

Technology & Innovation

Sustainability & Climate Change

Executive Education

Market-Entry Feasibility & Business Facilitation

The Core Challenge

The stiffest challenge facing our organizational leaders currently, is to correctly interpret the signals of change coming from their respective ecosystems/business environments, characterized by hyper-competition, meta-levels of uncertainty and complexity, and unprecedented turbulence, bordering on disruption.

Rapidly developing and executing implementable strategies and plans, under these circumstances is the greatest concern of leaders, as conventional approaches are likely to be ineffective in these times of highly unpredictable change. This is so,  as the fundamental assumptions underlying any organization’s  Strategic Business Design, which may have been successful in the past, are likely to be rendered ineffective and unviable by the unprecedented pace of changes.

These would, therefore, need to be revisited, reinvented, and invigorated with innovative new approaches, to regain their relevance and competitiveness.

Hence, the practice of Leadership, People & Strategy is a critical pivot, around which all our other practice areas revolve. The solution frameworks for each of our clients are meticulously crafted, based on the leading edge applications of thought leadership. It is anchored in socially relevant action research with the required sophistication, to help leaders interpret their competitive change dynamics, customer value migration, and their impact on business priorities.

We leverage our knowledge and competencies, and our deep understanding of the fundamentals that pertain to industries, functions, as well as specific domains, to initiate transformation. We rely on the application of validated methodologies, tools, and techniques and the appropriate technologies from multiple, intradisciplinary knowledge and practice areas, to deliver value to our clients.


The functional offerings of our services cover the following topical areas, with best practices based on methodologies, tools, and techniques. These portfolios facilitate effective decision making and lead to translating ideas into actionable practices. It thereby enables value creation by leaders, at various levels and functions of the organization.

Industry domains

Our solutions are flexible and scalable, applicable across industries, irrespective of the size of the industry. Some industries where our cumulative expertise has been effectively deployed are:

Offerings & delivery models

Our solutioning process is highly contextual, customized, and aligned to the organization’s culture and based on our discussions with the client CEOs and their respective leadership teams. Depending on the situation and choices made by the leadership, based on our recommendations, we offer delivery models that have a balanced mix of consulting, focussed capacity building, and defined accountability in a phase-wise manner.

This approach helps to enable an early start of ROI realization, during the intervention stage itself. The mix in the delivery model is mutually decided upon with leadership so that organizational capability-building happens simultaneously, for the interventions to be economically attractive and culturally sustainable.

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