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Dr. S.Guruprasad

Dr. S.Guruprasad

Former Director General DRDO Distinguished Scientist, New Delhi Former Director R&DE(Engineers), DRDO, Pune

Dr. S.Guruprasad did his B.E., Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mysore University, and his Master’s Degree in Machine Design from Bangalore University. He did his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Powai, Mumbai.

Dr. Guruprasad joined R&DE(Engineers), a DRDO Laboratory in the year 1986 as a Scientist, and contributed to many R&D activities of national importance. He worked on many Military Bridging projects viz. SARVATRA, Bridge Layer Tank (BLT), Mountain Foot Bridge, Modular Bridging System, etc.. Concurrent Engineering Methodology was used for the first time during the development of the SARVATRA Bridging System. All the Bridging Systems have been inducted into Service and the number of Industries was given Transfer of Technology. He also worked on Missile Launchers related to IGMDP Programme led by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He used the Finite Element Method extensively to simulate Launch Dynamics to ensure the successful take-off of Launch Vehicles from the Launcher. He made significant contributions as Project Director BrahMos responsible for Weapon Complex elements of BrahMos. The Mobile Autonomous Launcher and the Universal Vertical Launcher Module for Naval Ships are original Designs with novel technologies resulting in the number of International Patents to his credit.

Dr. Guruprasad is an expert in Computational Structural Mechanics, System Dynamics, and Composite Structures. He has many technical publications to his credit in various National and International Journals and conferences. He has 30 patents to his credit, some of them international (USA, Russia, etc..).

He was appointed as Director of R&DE(Engineers) in the year 2010 wherein he contributed in the development and induction of many systems related to Combat Engineering, Weapon Launch Systems, Advanced Composites, NBC Protection Systems, and Robotics.

Dr. Guruprasad was appointed as Chief Controller R&D at DRDO Head Quarter at New Delhi in the year 2016. Later the post was re-designated as Director General (Production Coordination and Services Interaction). At DRDO Head Quarter he led Directorates of Services Interaction, International Cooperation, Industry Interface, Low-Intensity Conflicts, and Quality-Reliability-Safety. These important Directorates at DRDO Head Quarters provided critical policy support to the DRDO Laboratories and also provided a boost to the Induction of various DRDO developed Systems to Services. The changes in DRDO Transfer of Technology policies were Landmark achievements that gave a major boost to the Defence Industries. He led many international delegations and was also part of high-level delegations setting the course of International Defence Research Co-operations. He also contributed to the Defence Technology acquisition & manufacturing policies of the country. He co-chaired the Joint Technology Group with the USA that made significant progress during his tenure. He also co-chaired a number of international defense research cooperation forums and upheld the country’s interests.

Dr. Guruprasad has been recognized with the following DRDO awards

  1. Performance Excellence Award 2004
  2. Performance Excellence Award 2007
  3. Scientist of the Year Award 2010
  4. Silicon Trophy 2012
  5. Path Breaking Research / 2013

Outstanding Technology Development

He was recently conferred “Swatantryaveer Savarkar Award” for the year 2020 recognizing his Contributions to the Country.

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